Introducing... Nina Ostermann

Published on November 21 2013

Introducing... Nina Ostermann

I have been a scrapbooker since 2007 and I can´t stop it. I scrapbook for the moment, to hold on the amazing memories, to make lovely people a joy, to do something special. It's my way to reduce the pressure inside me everyday with crafting.

Scrapbooking has changed my life. The chaos in my office has increased significantly, I often get parcel post for my scrapbooking and I have a new, very special, uplifting, happy-making contented feeling. I love also my family, flea markets, play piano and guitar, the blue sky, chocolate (I should not do that ;-), photography, candle light, the sun's rays sea, bird-chirping, decorating, and of course surprises.

I´m a new member of HDP and working on the third issue now. It´s hard to decide what I like most. It´s something between Clean & Simple and a page full of layering and lots of cute details. What I definitely love most is a bright/white background for my pages.

Introducing... Nina Ostermann
Introducing... Nina Ostermann
Introducing... Nina Ostermann

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